I have been called for jury duty in Circuit Court. Am I required to show up?
-Yes. The law requires you to respond to a jury summons. If you do not, you risk being found in contempt of court. However, cases which are set for trial often are settled at the last minute, so we strongly recommend that you visit our Facebook page (Grant County Circuit Court(Indiana)), check this homepage, or call the Court on the Friday prior to the Monday that you are to appear to see if the jury trial which you were called for is still scheduled. If you call after hours, a recording will tell you whether the trial is still scheduled. If the trial is canceled, you will be given further instructions on when to appear next. Further instructions may also be given on the Grant County Circuit Court(Indiana) Facebook page or on the homepage of the Circuit Court website. Generally, if a trial is canceled, you will be summoned to appear at the next scheduled trial date.

Can I speak directly with Judge Spitzer about my case?
-No. The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judge from speaking to a party to a case on any matter relating to the case outside of the courtroom without all parties present. This is called an "ex parte" communication, and rules prohibiting it are to ensure that all parties have equal access to the judge.

Can Circuit Court staff provide me with legal advice about my case?
-No. The staff may not provide you with legal advice about your case. It is recommended that you consult an attorney regarding legal matters. Litigation in court is complex and untrained parties who proceed without legal counsel do so at their own peril. the judge and the court staff are required to remain impartial and may not favor any party in litigation with legal advice.

Can Circuit Court staff recommend an attorney for me?
-No. The Court does not recommend or refer to attorneys.

Can Judge Spitzer or Circuit Court staff assist me with cases in courts other than Circuit Court?
-No. We can only assist you with cases pending in Circuit Court. To determine if your case is pending in Circuit Court, look at the caption at the top of the paperwork for the case. Circuit Court cases will indicate that it is in "Grant Circuit Court" or will have a case number which begins "27C01."

What are the fees and/or court costs for filing a case in Circuit Court?
-The Circuit Court staff does not handle monetary transactions involving court costs or fees, which vary according to case type. You should contact the Grant County Clerk at 668-8121 or review the fee schedule at clerk.grantcounty.net to determine the fees which are applicable to your case.